Time Travel Gear

Safe and effective time travel into the very distant past or future requires serious background preparation as well as security, safety and local transportation mechanisms. Regulations governing quarantines and transportation restrictions are strictly enforced.

To protect against disease transmission from and/or to the local environment requires complete body covering. The most commonly accepted coverings are of the skin suit class. Skin suits are typically skin tight breathable suits that act like a second skin. They come in various types and levels of protection. Some suits simply act as a sunscreen. Others prevent insect bites or bacterial exchange. Still others, usually heavier and thicker, offer temperature or pressure accommodation. Kevlar suits offer some degree of protection against cuts, scrapes or even projectiles. Skin suits can be used in conjunction with artificial respiration to accommodate minor atmospheric variances as well as underwater environments. They can sometimes be mounted over a helmet giving the impression of the wearer having an enormous head.

Image of Protective Gear

Skin suits can often accommodate vision enhancement lenses. These range in capabilities which usually range from something similar to a pair of sun glasses to block glare, to passive and/or active IR (infrared) goggles. In extreme cases, vision enhancement lenses can act as heads-up displays performing active threat assessment. Such heads-up displays can be implemented at the goggle-level or contact lens-level as the figure below illustrates.

Image of Nano-Implanted Contact Lens

Transportation in the very distant past (or sometimes present or future) is often handled by SaucerShips. An early example of a SaucerShip is seen here. SaucerShips can be used in flight, on or under sea surfaces, and even as land-based encampment.

SaucerShip image


Run around your present neighborhood in this gear, and you risk being mistaken for an alien!
Admittedly fun!

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