Time Traveling: A Quick Reference Guide

I stumbled on an excellent article today from Cosmos online titled “Time Traveling: A Quick Reference Guide” by Dr. Friedman of Good Times Inc. As many of you know, Good Times Inc. has been in the time travel business for a very very long time, and advice from their scientists and staff is always welcome.

Yes, the article has the usual requisite comments about not pissing off Velociraptors. But people often do forget to carry a light snack with them. While Snickers are rich in dextrose and come in handy in a pinch (Alexander the Great absolutely *loves* them! Get the 48-count box and save yourself some money), keep in mind that Clif Bars are a more healthy alternative.

Among the advice, the comment about Vikings not appreciating designer labels on clothing really hit close to home and explains a lot about why my Kenneth Cole Reaction Briefs seemed to really set them off during what is now referred to as the Lund Sauna Incident of 1062.

Last, a reminder to grab that coupon for free water, apparently it saves you a lot more money that I would have thought!

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